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Intermission’s Over, Play Ball


Now that the American League has won the All Star game thanks to a certain San Diego "ace" reliever, baseball’s version of an intermission is over and let the second act begin!

With that in mind, I don’t really care about the American League teams since whoever wins will automatically win the World Series anyway as per the FOX television talking heads.  If they are all knowing then lets cancel the World Series and save the National League Champs, the Mets, the trouble.  Instead of spending my money on WS tickets I could take my wife to Iceland to see the World curling championships in October.  Now that’s a sport with more excitment than Tuesday night’s annual hardball event.

But I don’t believe the talking heads anyway because humble old merk picked the winner of the Home Run hitting contest and they didn’t, even if Joe Morgan got carried away with the "hype" and changed his pick.

With that in mind, the Mets continue to win games at a .600 clip and finish the year at 97 wins in the East.  The West is going to be tough but I think San Diego will beat out LA by a game or two with Mike Piazza getting hot in September and carrying a team one more time. Hopefully their ace closer doesn’t watch his performace in the All Star game too often.  Closing out my picks, I like St. Louis as their pitching improves and the Reds as the Wild Card as Houston fades in the stretch.  Mets beat Cinn in 4 games and San Diego upsets St. Louis in 5. 

In the finale, Mets and Pods tied at 3 games apiece, bringing up a game 7.  Mets leading 5-2, top of the ninth with the bases loaded against Billy Wagner.  A pinch hitter is announced, it’s Mike Piazza, the crowd at Shea goes absolutely quite.  Full count, Wagner deals a 101 mile per hour fastball, Mikey swings, it is high, it is still rising, it is in …… David Wright’s glove for the win!!!