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Going, going gone!

As Monday night approaches, all of America holds its collective breath in anticipation of the All Star game’s pre-game appitizer, the home run hitting contest.  Is the winner a precursor of the team that will win this year’s World Series or is more like the curse of a sophomore season?  I don’t know but my choice is for a National League player to win so that the final game of next year’s spring training is played at a National League team’s park.

You might guess that last comment reflects my feelings on the All Star game league winner playing games 6 and 7 of the WS at home this year.  I was at game 6 at Shea in 1986 and the way the Mets are playing I would love to see games 6 and 7 at Shea but the Nationals have to win tomorrow night.  The idea was creative but no other sport does it so lets just chalk it up to mad cow hot dogs and get back to the alternate years scheduling arrangement.

My pick for the bombs away contest is for Ryan Howard of the Phillies.  If I win lunch is on you.

Shot out!