Game in the Hand is Worth 2 in the Busch (Stadium)

Well it’s settled, the Mets will be playing the Cardinals starting Wednesday night at Shea.  One thing in our favor is that their best pitcher threw last night and will only be able to start 2 games in this best of 7 series.  Unfortunately, so will Tom Glavine who would be my choice to be the starting pitcher in game 1 and return for game 5 for another victory.

This should be a win for the Mets but Sir Albert might have other ideas.  This man is a one armed wrecking crew so walk him, walk him, walk him!  The Cards don’t have depth in the bullpen and that will be the key to the series with those powerful Met bats. The Mets need to win the first 2 games and that hopefully will be enought to win in 6 games.  No sweep this time.  Remember children, a game in hand is worth 2 in the Busch.  Barry do I need to explain that to you?

Perhaps someone could enlighten me on this topic.  The sob, sob Yankees who were odds on favorites to win the World Series (ha, ha, ha) lost in 4 to the Tonyless Tigers and the Post devoted 6 pages to them but only 3+ to the Mets.  I don’t care about Joe Torre, the story IS THE METS!  Or is this a plot by George S to steal the back pages away from our beloved Mets.  I wouldn’t put it past him.


One comment


    It is infuriating that the Post continues to headline the team that is on an unexpected early vacation…….but, then again – it’s the Post.

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