Maine Man

Well fellow Met fans, we won game one with a rook on the mound.  Not Pedro, not el Ducky but John Maine who in my opinion was the best pitcher the Mets had in the second half of the season. We arrived at the new postage stamp sized parking lot at 1:20 for the 4 o’clock game and were amazed to find that they had doubled the fee from $13 to $26.  Gee are we getting 2 spaces?  Anything to make it more difficult for the fans money wise.

The double tag out at home in the second inning was amazing and possibly the play of the game.  But to me the pitching of Maine was super and never in Willie’s wildest dreams did he ever think this would happen as he only gave up 1 run in 4+ innings.  I can’t blame Mota for the runs in the 7th because of a dumb play by Jose V who as any little leaguer knows take the sure out.  In the end he got Reyes spiked in the what else but his calf.  Calves have never played a bigger role since City Slickers.  Even when a Dodger broke his bat and almost hit David Wright, I yelled it that it hit him in the calf which my section thought was very funny.

I loved the fan’s energy at the game with my friend Cary and his wife Stephanie yelling their hearts out to the last out.  I had no voice after the game but if Wagner let LA tie or go ahead in the top of the ninth, I’d have no heart either as it would have stopped dead.  Ron Howard sat below us and rooted for the Dodgers and the fans couldn’t have been nicer to him.  Just shows that Mets fans have class.  At Yankee Stadium he would have been pelted with stuff from their fair weather fans.  Ray Romano was there as well and by the smile on his face he knew Everyone Loves the Mets!

Tonight, Tom takes us one step closer to the next round.  The Dodger starter beat us once but tonight will be a different story.  Elba and Rich you gotta believe!


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