Shea Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?

Home Sweet Shea, the last stop on our 30 stadium tour that started back on July 15th at Yankee Stadium and only got better from that point on.  When we sat in our seats at Shea last Thursday night, it was so cozy, so comfortable and so good to be back in Flushing.  We were totally shocked as we chanted Home Sweet Home as we sat in our seats only to see it appear on the big scoreboard a few minutes latter.

Looking back on our trip, Shea isn’t the newest or largest stadium.  It isn’t even pretty.  But it is family, a place where I went to as a kid, took my future co-pilot there on dates and took my 4 daughters there to learn about baseball.  Having season tickets for over a decade, we have spent thousands of hours there, sweating in the sun’s rays and freezing as the winds swept off of the water. 

Our greatest moment there was game 6 of the 1986 World Series and the worst was game 5 versus the Yankees in 2000. Ups and downs, just like life and the real world.  Nothing is given to you, you have to work, to earn it.  This year’s edition of the Mets earned it.  They worked hard, suffering through injuries to a large number of starters, listened to a baseball schooled manager in Willie and played .600 baseball almost all season.  This could be the year.

Yes, Shea Stadium will be torn down in 2009 and replaced by a modern structure with all the bells and whistles.  But will it be better?  Baseball is best served by seating close to the action not by business people drinking in suites a time zone away.  Baseball is for dads and sons, moms and daughters, families are close.  Baseball families should be close too.  I think the Mets have the right idea in their design, keep the seating small and the seats close to the field.  If you build it, they will come.

That’s the final stadium report for now.  We have hired a team of independent auditors from a Big 6 accounting firm to crunch our numbers from the trip.  Upon further review, I will share them with you.  However, I can tell you we stayed in 42 different hotels, 39 of them in the Marriott chain.  We stopped for gas 45 times in 27 states paying as much as $3.539 in California and a low of $2.189 in Ohio.  We travelled thru 39 states and saw 49 different state tags on the road as we only missed Hawaii.  Total miles was 15,306 as our mpg was 20.1

It’s been a gas, thank for your comments, keep them coming, and most importantly, Let’s Go, Mets GO!!!!!!!!!!



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