The Mets Win the Pennant, the Mets Win the Pennant

Well fellow Met fans, it’s time to smile again as our boys have finally clinched.  It was nice of them to wait until their return to Shea and give the Rrrrrrrrrrrr Pirate fans something to cheer about this past weekend.

I was asked before we left on our stadium trip back in mid-July if I thought the Mets would clinch before we returned to Shea this Thursday.  My reply was if they don’t clinch by then I’d be nervous.  Well they made it close, but close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades.

The only 2 NL teams that make me nervous are the Marlins and the Astros because of their pitching.  I feel that the Mets can hit all the other pitching staffs on the other remaining possible teams that we might face.  Although, their inability to hit lefty pitchers could make for a close series before we march into the World Series.

Warren, keep the faith, brother!




    With the Mets collapse, it coincided with the Cubs winning their division title. It’s a little payback for what happened in 1969. GO CUBS

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